Weather in Nainital

Weather in Nainital

Weather in Nainital (Photo src Flickr: achilles_ds)

Nainital Weather Updates in 2013

Nainital is one of the famous hill station of the country born in British era and blessed with cool atmosphere surrounded by verdant mountains. Temperature in Nainital is pleasant during summers and frigid in winters with mercury dipping below 0 degree at night. It is also one of the top honeymoon destination for its captivating natural beauty bedecked with greenery and emerald lake in its lap which sets a perfect romantic enviroment.

Nainital Weather Round The Year

Nainital in Winters : Nainital winter months begin from October to February. Winter temperature in Nainital ranges from below 0 °C to 15°C, making it best time for honeymooners to visit Nainital. Days are cold and nights are chilly in these months with some snowfall as well. Best warm clothing are advised along the journey.

Nainital in Summers : Summer hit Nainital from March to May with the temprature ranging from 10 °C and 30°C. March remains little colder in night than daytime. It is best time to visit Nainital and for sightseeing in Nainital.

Nainital in Monsoons: From June to September the temprature range in Nainital is from 7 °C to 25 °C with some light to medium rainfalls. Mists and clouds adds to beauty of Nainital greem mountains. Visitors are advised to have proper clothing, raincoats or umbrella’s.

Best Time to Visit Nainital

Nainital hill station can be visited all round the year. In summers, Nainital become full with tourists activities due to pleasurable climate with respects to other parts of the country. Between March to June is the ideal season to visit Nainital. Festival month of October is also a best time to watch cultral and colourful heritage of Nainital.

Monthwise Weather in Nainital

Weather by Month Avg Temprature Weather Details
Nainital in January -3°C to 12 °C Cold and Snowfall, travel with woolen clothes
Nainital in February -3°C to 13 °C Snowfall, travel with woolen clothes
Nainital in March 2°C to 19°C Slight rise in temperature, cool day but nights are still cold
Nainital in April 13°C to 25°C Ideal time to visit, clear blue sky
Nainital in May 19°C to 29 °C Ideal time to visit, clear blue sky
Nainital in June 19°C to 30°C Warm days, pleasant nights. Best time adventure and sightseeing.
Nainital in July 16°C to 28 °C Unexpected rainfall, enjoy natural greenery
Nainital in August 15°C to 27 °C Regular monsoon rain, enjoy natural greenery
Nainital in September 14°C to 27°C Very light showers, enjoy sightseeing activities
Nainital in October 13°C to 24 °C Pleasant weather, best time to visit
Nainital in November 2°C to 19 °C Colder day, chilly nights
Nainital in December 0°C to 15 °C Colder day, chilly nights, snowfall

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