Nainital zoo acquires a pair of red pandas


Pandit GB Pant high altitude zoo in Nainital will also be the home of a pair of red pandas november onwards. This way, Uttarakhand will become the fourth state after Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Sikkim to have these rare animals. The Darjeeling zoo has agreed to send a pair of pandas in the first week of next month. In return, the Nainital zoo will be sending a pair of cheer pheasant there.

The zoo management is quite excited about receiving its new guests. Tejasivini Arvind Patil, zoo director, said, "The climate here is conducive for the growth of pandas. The vegetation liked by them such as ringal (bamboo species) and oak are in abundance here. Also, there is no dearth of space. So our new guests will hopefully be happy here and will breed lovely cubs in the near future."

"The Central Zoo Authority of India had approved the exchange in July this year. However, the animals could not be brought here due to hot weather. The exchange process began a couple of years ago when due to a contagious disease, red pandas at Sikkim zoo died one after another. It was then decided to exchange red pandas with other zoos which provide suitable environment for the growth of these animals," added Patil.

The Nainital zoo has around 130 high altitude animals such as blue sheep, goral, Himalayan black bear and Tibetan wolf. "Come December, these animals are going to enjoy the snow. They will come out of their enclosures and play. The zoo remains open in the winter season as well and the visitors can enjoy these magnificent and rare animals," Patil said.

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