Naini Lake

Naini Lake, Nainital

Naini Lake in Nainital

Naini Lake is the center attraction in Nainital. Beautifully encircled by seven high rise mountains, Naini Lake still water is famous all round the globe. Even the place is named after finding the lake back in 1839 by P.Barron.

Beauty of the Naini lake attracts visitors from all over the world round the year. The charm and allurement often described in poems by world’s prominent writers. Writers and creative persons visits Nainital for their inspiration.

Naini Lake is parted into two parts with namely Mallital and Tallital. Mallital is nothern part and the southern part of the Lake is Tallital. Shopping opportunities are ample around the lake along famous Mall Road. Naini Lake also offers romanticism and adventurous boat ride to explore the lake further. Manage by Nainital boat club (Mallital) pedal and rowing boats can be hired for Rs 50 to 80 per hour and nicely painted Gondola boat rowing costs Rs 120 for a round in the lake. Tantalizing sunset at Naini lake filled visitors with peace and quietness.

History Of Naini Lake

According to Skanda Puran, a hindu scripture, its worth mention by the name ‘Tririshi Sarovar’ and the three rishis or sages are among the great sages of an earlier age – Atri, Pulaha and Pulastya. These rishis meditate and dug a hole which soon get filled with water.

Geography of Naini Lake

Located at an altitude of around 2,000 metres, Naini Lake is spreads on a perimeter of 2 miles and has depth with maximum 28 metres and a minimum of 6 metres.