Mission Himalayan Quail by Nainital Zoo will use DNA for true identification

Mission Himalayan Quail

Mission Himalayan Quail till now remains unaccomplished and searching of irrefutable evidence of Himalayan quail continues. The Nainital zoo launched the identification drive of Himalayan bird from October 1 and is now trying some other options like conducting the DNA test of the evidences to establish true identification of it.

Several reports from different parts of the Kumaon division like Lohaghat and Pithoragarh in regard to sighting of the Himalayan Quail recieved at many times but no specific case confirming identity of this Himalayan bird has so far come to light, said Anil Srivastav, Deputy Director, Nainital zoo, while talking to The Pioneer.

However, the department has decided to carry on with its efforts towards identification of this bird. More so, we are collecting all the evidences that we are receiving in this regard. If no concrete proof is found, the department will also conduct DNA test of samples like feathers to get the true identity of this Himalayan Quail, added the Deputy Director of the Nainital zoo.

It is interesting to know since hills of Uttarakhand are also known for providing a favourable habitats for both domestic and migratory birds, apart from the wildlife experts, many a number of local people of the region also have developed their expertise in identification of different varieties of birds. And most of the times professionals can also be seen turning towards these self-learnt local people for assistance on wildlife.

But, this time the professionals and officials seem to have not been convinced with the proofs that the local people provided and then has decided to continue with its efforts to identify this said bird.

It is worth mention here that the Himalayan Quail is a medium -sized bird belonging to the pheasant family and is classified as critically endangered, facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild and is possibly extinct, maintain the officials concerned. Keeping in view the present State of affair of this bird of pheasant family, the Nainital zoo launched the Mission Himalayan Quail from October 1 to explore scientifically the possibilities of presence of the Himalayan Quail.

According to the officials concerned the last reliable observation of the said bird was reported in 1876 and the presence of this bird is reported in Uttarakhand’s Nainital and Mussoorie. But, as unconfirmed reports suggest whereabouts of this birds have also been found in other areas of this region like Lohaghat and Pithoragarh. However, the officials concerned have appealed to the people that in case they possess any evidence or information about this bird, they (the local people) should share these evidences with the former.

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