Kunjkharak is a place for eco tourism and a himalayan view point located at 37 km from Nainital. Kharak means a ‘Pass’ in local language and Kunjkharak is situated at an elevation of 2323 mtrs which makes its best place to view majestic himalayan range. One can watch a magnificent 380 km scintillating broad view of Himalayan range of Mountains. Kunjkharak is also a home to highly endangered Khoola (Jhoola) moss which is used in several cosmetic products.

Kunjkharak Attractions

Eco tourism is the main attraction of the Kunjkharak. Kunjkharak provides an ample opportunities to explore mountains having bear caves amidst dense oak, pine and deodar trees. Bird-watching and trekking attracts number of torist to Kunjkharak. High altitude birds like Lammergeier, Himalyan and Eurasian Griffon with raptors like Tawny Eagle, Steppe eagle and Kestrel can be spotted here. Camping can be easily done at FRH in Kunjkharak.

How To Reach Kunjkharak

Kunjkharak can be reached from Nainital in two ways. One can trek 18 km from Nainital to Kunjkharak via Pangot. Also tourists can hired taxis from Nainital.